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From Chiapas: Report from visit to coffee cooperative Comon Yaj Noptic

Wednesday, April 15, 2020
7pm Eastern Time

Invitation from Danielle Robidoux , organizer at Equal Exchange: 

I am writing to you during this time where we are all going through this pandemic and having this shared global experience. I left on my delegation trip to Chiapas, Mexico, with Equal Exchange on March 1st and when I returned a little over a week later the world had turned upside-down. This pandemic is and will continue to influence all of us in different ways in months, or maybe even years to come. 

Equal Exchange has continued to create spaces for us to connect as a community and to take action as an alternative network. We will continue to provide spaces for connection and brainstorm ways to build an independent food system. 

One meaningful way that we want to engage with you is to continue to invite you into our world by sharing the stories of our producer partners as much as we can.

 About 10 years ago I went on a life-changing trip to the coffee lands of Nicaragua that was organized by my professor at Bridgewater State University, just down the street from Equal Exchange’s headquarters. He is now a meaningful member of this citizen-consumer community and in many ways is the reason I have this job. I will be sharing reflections that I have been processing during this time of isolation in collaboration with my professor and citizen-consumer member James Hayes-Bohanon, and Equal Exchange’s green coffee buyer Kim Coburn. 

The intention of this session is to share my personal experience, as well as the work that Equal Exchange has done for the past 34 years in a deeply personal and human way. Please join me as I share my experience of what has been another personally life-changing trip to Chiapas, Mexico to visit Equal Exchange’s producer partners from the cooperative Comon Yaj Noptic. It would be incredibly meaningful to me to share this experience with all of you, my community. 

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Chiapas Trip Report
Today, April 15th at 7 PM EST

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