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Fair Trade: Equal Exchange New Member Orientation

Tuesday, May 24, 2022
7 pm ET
via Zoom

Consumer support and advocacy has been absolutely crucial to Equal Exchange since our founding in 1986. Over the decades, consumers have organized with Equal Exchange to gain placement in grocery stores across the US, organized distribution of Equal Exchange products in their communities, and spread the word about our alternative trade model to friends, family, and neighbors to help build our alternative trade economy. Our multistakeholder model would not be possible without the active participation of Citizen-Consumers like you.

Join us for our next new member orientation to meet the organizing team, learn more about Equal Exchange, and get involved in the Citizen-Consumer community! Now is a great time to get involved for the first time or to get involved again if it’s been a little while. 

Equal Exchange and IRTF = Partners in Fair Trade

Why Equal Exchange?

Equal Exchange was founded in 1986 as a 100% fair trade worker-owned cooperative. Many other big commercial coffee roasters or retailers are involved in fair trade simply as a niche item for just one of their many product lines; and that’s as far as it goes.  For companies who are fully committed to fair trade, like Equal Exchange (the first fair trade coffee company in the US) it’s about transforming the food system. Price is only a part of it. It is mostly about relationship and mutual commitment to each other. Look for products that are 100% fair trade. If only 5-10% of a company’s product line is fair trade, you should question their commitment to justice for the workers who grow, produce, and process the product.


Support the solidarity economy. Together we examine and challenge the current system of global capitalism dominated by big corporations, which exploits people and the planet. We are linked across the globe with small growers and producers—as well as authentic fair trade companies and nonprofits—in building an economy based on solidarity, putting people over profits. Another world is both possible and necessary; let’s build it together. Support authentic fair trade.

Read about Equal Exchange’s farmer partners across the globe here.

We hope to see you on May 24.   

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Tuesday, May 24 on Zoom

7:00pm Eastern | 6:00pm Central | 4:00pm Pacific


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