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Webinar Series: Reimagining Peace and Security in Latin America and the Caribbean

Wednesday, September 20, 2023
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Webinar Series: Reimagining Peace and Security in Latin America and the Caribbean

You're invited to join World BEYOND War, United4Change Center (U4C), the Rotary Peace Fellowship Alumni Association (RPAA), and Peace First for a 5-Part Webinar Series Focused on Reimaging Peace and Security in Latin America & the Caribbean.

The series will provide spaces for reflection and dialogue, feature leading experts from the region, and connect, train, and support young leaders to carry out high-impact peace projects aimed at addressing urgent community needs on the ground.

What. World BEYOND War (WBW) is teaming up with United4Change Center (U4C), the Rotary Peace Fellowship Alumni Association (RPFAA), and Peace First to launch a new webinar series on “Reimaging Peace and Security in Latin America”. The purpose of the webinar series is to co-create spaces for bringing in the voices and experiences of peacebuilders working, living, or studying in Central America, South America, Mexico, and the islands of the Caribbean. Its goal is to elicit reflection, discussion, and action specific to promoting peace and challenging war.

The webinar series will comprise five webinars, one every month from April to July 2023, followed by a final webinar in September 2023.

Webinar 5 shifts the focus from education to action. We’ll move from learning about the three broad strategies for ending war and establishing a just and sustainable peace, addressed in previous webinars, towards the development of peacebuilding interventions that focus on how these strategies can be used and adapted in practice to improve the prospects for peace and security on-the-ground.

●     Webinar 5 provides young people with a platform to present the processes and outcomes of their youth-led peace projects to a wide, international, audience.

The webinar series has been designed to allow for a blend of reflection, dialogue, and action specific to promoting peace. There will be ample time for Q&A.  

When: The webinar series will be held for 1.5 hours each month, for 4 months on Wednesdays, from April 19 to July 19, and the final webinar will be in September.

Where: Zoom (details to be shared upon registration). Register below.

Why: Latin America is among the world’s most violent regions, with one of the highest homicide rates around the globe, and a long history of armed conflict. In this webinar series, we’ll talk with leading experts about the challenges and opportunities for building sustainable peace in Latin America. We’ll showcase successful stories of peacebuilding efforts from the region. And we’ll explore ways of working together more effectively to build the peace movement in Latin America.

At the core of the webinar series is a call to action, a belief in the importance of engaging participants in learning that leads to action, with the goal of taking what they learned to make direct positive impacts on issues of war, inequality and peace.

Who is the webinar series for? The series is for everyone interested in or working on peace and security issues, especially in Latin America. In particular, it is for young people, and those working with them, who are interested in applying what they will learn in the webinar series to take action to promote peace via youth-led peace projects. On a broader level, the series may also appeal to others working on pro-peace and anti-war issues in different parts of the world.

The webinar series promises to be a fun, educational, and empowering experience with lots of opportunities to network and build community in support of peace.

Everyone registered for the webinar series will receive PDF, ePub, and/or mobi (kindle) versions of two books which will provide additional reading to those who want to go beyond what was covered in the webinar series.

●     The Monroe Doctrine at 200 and What to Replace it With (Swanson, 2023)

●     A Global Security System: An Alternative to War (AGSS) (World BEYOND War, 2020).

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  • Webinar 5: Showcase of Youth-Led Initiatives, Wednesday, September 20, 2023, 6 – 8 pm ET

Let's support and spotlight the work of individuals and organisations engaged in peace and security issues in Latin America and the Caribbean: Register here!

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United4Change Center (U4C)
Peace First
Rotary Peace Fellowship Alumni Association (RPFAA)