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TAKE ACTION: Drop Charges for Water Protectors at Line 3

As many of you know, IRTF has been involved in the resistance at Line 3 and took a delegation to Minnesota this summer to show our support for the movement. In our continued solidarity, we ask that our community reads through and engages with this call to action from a water protector that has been on the ground protesting for a year:

“Hello my name is Giiwedin which means Northwind in Ojibwe and I’ve been fighting line 3, the tar sands pipeline for the past year along with so many other beautiful brave folks. And, although line 3 is complete and the line is operational, over 700 water protectors are still facing charges, including felonies that could impact their lives. And so we’re calling on Governor Tim Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison to demand that charges against ALL water protectors are dropped. Because people fighting for the planet amidst a crisis are not criminals. They’re heroes, they’re water protectors, they’re land defenders. And if you agree and are grateful for the sacrifices that these water protectors and land defenders made please visit this website: And sign our petition, call their offices, and if you can please share. We need as many signatures as possible, and I know that we can do it! Miigwech (thank you)”

To watch his video follow this link.