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Against the Wall: My Journey from Border Patrol Agent to Immigrant Rights Activist

from SOA Watch

We are excited to share with you the video recording of our Author Talk with former Border Patrol agent and whistleblower Jenn Budd.

Budd's new memoir "Against the Wall: My Journey from Border Patrol Agent to Immigrant Rights Activist" chronicles Budd's personal journey and exposes the corruption, human rights violations, and culture of racism and violence that characterize the Border Patrol. Content Warning: Both the book and Author Talk contain discussion of physical and sexual violence and suicide.

Click here to watch the Author Talk with Jenn Budd.

During the virtual event, we discussed the infamous shadow police known as "Critical Incident Teams" operating illegally within the Border Patrol, the case of Anastasio Hernández Rojas, the criminalization of humanitarian aid efforts in the borderlands, and how the recent Supreme Court decisions affect efforts for justice for the families of those murdered by the Border Patrol. Watch the Author Talk here.

Jenn Budd will also be joining the family of José Antonio Elena Rodríguez and the Border Patrol Victims Network in October for the vigil marking 10 years since his murder by the U.S. Border Patrol and be part of the panel discussions prior to the event. Mark your calendars to join us on October 8 & 9, 2022 and click here for more information and to pre-register.