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Binational Border Encuentro presentation addresses US militarism in Mexico, Central America, and on the US-Mexico border

 Border Encuentro 

In November 2018 we traveled with more than a dozen IRTF friends to the US-Mexico border in Arizona to stand with thousands of people from across the Americas to call for an end to repressive foreign and military policies that force too many families to flee their homelands in order to survive. We stood at the border wall –a wall that is meant to divide us—and together told stories, sang, prayed, and demanded changes in policies to better reflect our country’s humanitarian and welcoming spirit to people from around the world seeking refuge and a better life.

 Our delegation participants have put together a slide show presentation about the Binational Border Encuentro that addresses not only what migrants are facing when they reach the US border but the structural issues in their home countries that cause them to flee.

Contact us if you would like one of our Border Encuentro delegates to make the presentation at your school, congregation, or community group.