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COVID-19 Relief: immigrants must be included in next aid package

From Andrea Flores, Deputy Director of Policy, ACLU Equality Division

After months of combatting this global health crisis and four COVID-19 relief bills, Congress has still failed to address the health and economic needs of immigrants living in the U.S – denying millions access to testing, treatment, and critical cash assistance.

Sadly, this doesn't surprise us, given the divisive policies under this administration. But here's the thing: By failing to secure the wellbeing of immigrants, Congress is failing to secure the wellbeing of all of us. That's true anytime, but especially during a pandemic.

Soon, Congress will pass another COVID-19 relief bill. Let's make sure they include everyone this time: Urge your members of Congress to protect all of us by expanding treatment, care, and cash assistance for immigrants.



When we fail to care for everyone who is at risk, we are putting our collective health and safety on the line. Our leaders must take these two immediate actions if they want to stop the spread of this deadly virus:

First, Congress must provide testing and treatment for everyone who needs it – regardless of citizenship or immigration status – by making COVID-related services available under emergency Medicaid. Second, Congress must provide cash assistance given to all who file taxes, including those using Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers.

Our country's ability to contain this pandemic – and our country's future – depend on Congress addressing the failures in the relief bills passed so far.

Immigrants are serving so many vital roles on the frontlines of our recovery, including as medical and health care workers caring for COVID-19 patients, as grocery store employees, farmworkers, caregivers, and more. All the while, many of these essential workers will not receive cash assistance, and are risking their lives with exposure without even access to testing and treatment.

It's both irresponsible and morally unforgivable to pass relief bills that fail to recognize that every person's health and financial stability are critical.

Send your message now: The next COVID-19 relief must include everyone, regardless of citizenship or immigration status, if we want to protect the future of our country.

Thanks for taking action,

Andrea Flores, ACLU