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Honduras Hurricane Emergency Fund

Only the People Save the People

IRTF in Cleveland is part of the Honduras Solidarity Network (HSN), which started a hurricane relief fund in November 2020. Those wanting to help get funds to grassroots organizations, rescue teams, and humanitarian support on the ground, can donate here:

HSN continues to use the donations we are receiving for solidarity with the social movement organizations and collectives that are working in the communities most affected by the flooding and the government's neglect and  its outright attacks on the communities. 
100% of the donations go directly to organizations working in the affected areas. I'm so proud to support the groups we do. At the same link where you can donate, you can also find a list of organizations and efforts receiving the support. We have raised tens of thousands of dollars, but the need is greater. 

Happy listening. Thank you for caring, listening, and supporting! 

Karen Spring, co-coordinator

Honduras Solidarity Network


From Karen Spring of the Honduras Solidarity Network:

Two hurricanes hit Honduras in less than two weeks (Hurricanes Eta and Iota). 

In Tegucigalpa like so many people, I was preparing for the worst. We got extra food, water, and candles. We expected massive flooding and strong winds. Fortunately, we weren't hit as badly as Honduras' main industrial centre in the north.

It's now been over a week and entire communities are still flooded. The international airport now looks like a few buildings sticking out of a large lake. 

It's hard to describe the devastation that the hurricanes have left behind. In my latest podcast episode, I tried to describe the damage - both physical and human. I interviewed a Honduran man that kept breaking down in tears as he described his boat rescue missions to save people from the flooding.

So many people lost everything. 

Episode 12 of our Honduras Now podcast describes what happened and how so many Hondurans are getting together to support one another.